. . .that according to the Women in the Workforce Report published by McKinsey-Sandberg, 
more than 2.5 MILLION women dropped out of the labor force in 2020 
losing their incomes to child care, elder care, home-schooling, and more??

Sheryl Sandberg: Senior-level women are leaving the workforce. If businesses don’t act, we’ll lose our best leaders

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, director of the Lean In Foundation said 

'Senior-Level women are leaving the workforce in unprecedented numbers. 
IF businesses don't act NOW, we'll lose our best leaders!!
MOTHERS are exhausted with the triple whammy 
of being home-school teacher, parent & company leaders.

According to the Workforce Report,
this is the lowest number of women in the workforce since 1968.

Women All Over the World 
Have Lost $800 Billion in Income
During COVID

AND trying to come back into corporate 

is going to be very challenging with the current uncertainty of variants + vaccines.

What we do know 

is the pandemic has cost women around the globe 
64 million jobs 
5% of the total jobs held by women
 and $800 billion in earnings! 
This is according to Oxfam International and as reported by CNBC

Conversely, only 3.9% of men’s jobs were lost and their recovery is expected.

According to Sandberg:

 it will now take 135 years to close the current GENDER GAP!
SHE says: 

"The Workforce Report is so shocking that these 'SET-BACKS'
should terrify every woman in America!" 

ALL roads OUT 
are typically under construction
+ impossible to navigate
without a road map + a coach.



Your SUCCESS begins with your M.A.P.: Motivation~Accountability~Plan

The Power of the Master Mind

The Power of the MasterMind 

A human is made up of energy, the human MIND is energy, and the thoughts and ideas that come to the mind are also energy. Jane teaches you how to TRAIN your MIND [The power of the Master Mind] and how to TAME your TONGUE [Your Word is your Wand]. 

Remarkably, when the minds of two people are working together in a spirit of harmony, the energy of each mind picks up on the energy of the others and beautiful music can be created instantly.

Two heads are not only better than ONE, they are better than two because the combination is greater than the sum of its parts. No two minds ever come together without creating a third invisible, intangible force, called the Master Mind, which will produce insights and ideas that neither of the individual minds would come up with independently. 

No ONE has the same power as found in a Master Mind

The third mind creates 2 kinds of power: economic psychic
The economic power and the psychic power of each member is amplified by the harmony + greatness found within the group.

Meet the Maestro

Imagine a Maestro standing before you.

The Maestro could direct only YOU, however, when the Maestro is allowed to bring others to sit with you ... you will not only learn from the other members sitting around you, but you will also: gathers power and energy from them to go the distance; try new things you have never considered that you could do; claim a level of confidence that you never had before you had a MAESTRO directing the energy with a small group of harmonious peers sitting next to you. 
When you combine your energy, your strengths with that of at least two or more like minded persons—and the Maestro invites in the third minda psychic energetic force may show up within the group. 
The MASTERMIND shows up ONLY IF there is a high level of harmony ... each person in the group becomes vested with the power to contact and gather knowledge through the third mind of all the other members of the group. The collective abilities of each person is magnified + multiplied many many times greater than the sum of the individual's energy. 


ALL roads OUT of VAGUENESS are typically under construction + impossible to navigate without CLARITY. 
CLARITY CREATES ABUNDANCE ... so we talk about getting clarity for you. When you are crystal clear about what you do want ... that is when the MAGIC happens.
With a ROADMAP, a COMPASS and a GUIDE ... everything gets so easy for you. 
And the MASTERMIND will come into the HOUSE when there is a high level of HARMONY. 

Your SUCCESS begins with a MAP: Motivation~Accountability~Plan 

Currently, two groups I am running are working on BRANDING their personal message, funneling their sales process + client enrollment, and then, content creation.  I had a past group that worked on SPEAKING ... your secret Super Power for SUCCESS. We worked on your VIRTUAL presentation skills, zoom room presenting skills, webinar engagement. AND as we prepare for the the pandemic to be gone, we are now focusing on STAGE development.

Collectively each group determines what is most important, and that is what we work on progressively for 8-weeks!! 
The subject moves like the music and we score as needed. 
Group Coaching is held on THURSDAYS, while individual coaching is available on Friday's. Ask about your special coaching rate!  Working on a TEAM and having individual coaching available at a discount is ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING at its finest!  Success is around the corner!

  • Jane delivers a short Weekly Training / Strategic Planning session
  • You learn how to use new tools, techniques and how to develop your talents
  • This is a great place to Pitch your Presentation in front of a small group before you go LIVE 
  • This is a great place to recruit LinkedIn Reviews, trade Mailing Lists, find Affiliates partnerships
  • This MM includes a FB Group where you can ask Questions, Share Resources & get Support
  • Your 8-week AGENDA will be UP for YOU + the TEAM
  • And ... drum roll please ... Ta-Done ... you will have Accountability + Results
  • Hire Jane to get the coaching you NEED at a price you can AFFORD!

How to Join the Mastermind for Business 

Because of a FAMILY TRAGEDY all trainings will be suspended in 2022

Let's Collaborate to create that Economic + Psychic Power

YOU bring your own TEAM of WOMEN to JANE

YOU are the ORGANIZER of the TEAM 

You choose the time slot that best serves You with an understanding that the other women sitting around you will gather power & energy from you as you do from them, so your presence is important. HOWEVER, we know life gets in the way and/so you will be allowed to change time slots during the day (with permission from the MAESTRO).  
IF you are ON a team and you have been looking for a LEADERSHIP COACH to drive you to the next level, Jane Herron is your go to girl. 

The price is currently ridiculously low, so please tell-tell-tell other women about this Alliance!    
And pull your TEAM together! For only $25/woman [8 per Team] and your 8-week commitment of $25/week each, the third mind is invited to enter the group to deliver economic /psychic powers and only after there is a level of harmony and rapport among the players, will the Mastermind appear. The economic power and the psychic power of each member is amplified + multiplied many times over by the harmony and greatness found within the group.  And it is your excellence that drives the Maestro to higher levels of leadership. 
This sort of Mastermind Alliance is very different from anything you have experienced, I promise!! 

And when YOU fill your HOUR of POWER with 8-women ...
 then Jane will give YOU 1-Hour of Free Coaching on anything you desire to work on.

Meet your MaestroJane A. Herron  

Each week the Maestro will have a lesson prepared that relates to the greatest needs within the group.  The Maestro knows how to lead the music, but as individual players coming into the Mastermind Alliance, SHE has to do her work to keep you passionate + enthusiastic.  
Each week, she will provide a short lesson and then depending on the needs of the individuals and of the group, you will either go into Breakouts, or someone will play SOLO in front of the group. 

This is FULL CIRCLE COACHING so you will learn how to give constructive feedback that feeds the soul so that you leave each we feeling satisfied + fulfilled ... also knowing that you contributed to the other players in the group.  
At the end of your 8-weeks, you will choose, do I continue to work out with this group of women? 
Do I leave and play alone? What should I do?

Additionally, for anyone in The Language of Leadership Alliance,  should Jane teach any other events, you will be given a special discount to attend. And JUST so you know, Jane likes to keep things simple, focused & powerful because WE are ALL waaaay too busy for nonsense. With that said, this special will go away soon!

Use JOY as your Compass
Use JOY as your Compass

Jane A. Herron's personal road to success has included: selling for four Fortune 500 Companies: Butterick Pattern Company; Levi Strauss & CO; General Mills; and Wrangler Womenswear.  
As the TOKEN WOMAN, to test her abilities, these corporations gave Jane the largest geographical territory in the USA: Co, Wy, Ut, Id, + Mt. The men were given: Denver proper, Salt Lake City proper, the lower half of Idaho.  YOU get the picture, right? 
So she was tested-tested-tested + ended up in the TOP 3% of Sales for 12 years in a row. She will bring her success strategies to your table! 

On the next phase of her career, living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Salt Lake City, she provided full day Management - Leadership + Communication Training's in every major city in all 50 States, 10 Countries and one Cruise Line. 

Jane has been working in the field of Training & Development for 30+ years speaking for the TOP Public Seminar Companies in America. She has presented over 2000 full day success seminars for: National Seminars, Skill Path Seminars, Career Tracks Seminars, Professional Education Institute, Stock Market Institute of Learning, Real Estate Money Machine, Keller Williams Real Estate (Productivity Coach for New Agents), CPA Education Foundation and then she also consulted for or keynoted for over 300 companies. 

So if you are looking for a MAESTRO who has 30 years of experience empowering women training: 


Image Development

Self-Esteem / Confidence

Sales & Persuasion

Listening Skills

Conflict Resolution

Negotiations Skills

Assertive Communication Skills 

Polishing your Presentation Skills

YOU found Jane A. Herron

A certified National Trainer + Executive Coach 

for Covey Leadership Center with a passion for

Leadership in The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People  

Productivity in First Things First 

Empowerment in Principle Centered Leadership 

Now if you want to start with a SUCCESS MINDSET 8-Week SERIES, Jane will focus on two of Napoleon Hills books in this Group: (1) Think & Grow Rich where Hill taught the PRINCIPLES of Success and then (2) his thought-provocative sequel that took 75 yrs to get published Outwitting the Devil published in 2011. 

Think & Grow Rich focuses on the PRINCIPLES of Success while Outwitting the Devil focuses on the HABITS of Failure. 

Each week Jane teaches a Principles of Success and then contrasts it to the Habits of Failure, and then the next week you have a new lesson & time to talk about your Ah-Ha's that you experienced as you applied the Principle of Success and determined if, when, where and how you may have been using the Habits of Failure. You will love the mindset here!

And you are welcomed to join our Thanks And Grow Rich FB Group for Free today. 

Did you know that JANE will BONUS you with COACHING time by filling YOUR The Language of Leadership Alliance?  
Fill your HOUR of POWER with 8-women (including you) and she will give you 1-Hour of free coaching!

To Do: Get out of my RUT. ASAP

 focus on the DESTINATION then set the INTENTION

n, MA

FLIP your SWITCH from Inner Critic

Your SUCCESS begins with your 
  Your CLARITY creates ABUNDANCE.  

This is a real MasterMind Alliance of Women as taught by Napoleon Hill in Think + Grow Rich.


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